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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 13, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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♪ ♪ lou: breaking news, president trump is calling on the fbi to go after former leaders james comey and andrew mccabe for their roles in trying to subvert his presidency. the president tweeted this: andrew mccabe was exposed for who he is today in the u.s. senate. he was totally destroyed, an ignorant fool. the great people of the fbi must make sure that he and his former boss, james comey, pay the price for what they have done to the reputation of the fbi. joining us now is senator ted cruz, senator from texas, member of the senate judiciary committee. he's author of "one vote away: how a single supreme court seat
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can change history." and this may be one of the most propitiously-titled books to hit the book stands in a long time. [laughter] senator, it's great to have you with us and also we recommend the senator's book to you highly. i want to begin with the level of fraud that we see now. many people do not realize you were also a part of the republican legal team back in gore v. bush. it's -- give us your sense of what, where we are right now in terms of electoral fraud. >> well, look, we've got litigation all over the country. the results of the election aren't final, and they're not final until the matters are litigated and the results have been finally tabulated. and there are recounts ongoing. you mentioned my book, "one vote away," there's an entire chapter in the book on bush v. gore. and in 2000 i was part of george
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w. bush's legal team. and if you think about it that night, that night initially the news media called al gore the winner, then they switched it and called george w. bush the winner. al gore sent an army of lawyers into florida, and for 36 days nobody knew what the result was. they had to litigate those matters, they had to complete the recount, and then at the end of the day we learned who the winner was. during that time and in the book "one vote away" i take people behind the scenes and in the war room where we had a whiteboard on the wall with seven different lawsuits any one of which could have cost the presidency of the united states. during that time we conducted a full trial, we went to the florida supreme court twice, we went to the u.s. supreme court twice, briefed it, argued and got opinions. that took 36 days. the court system can move and move quickly and, ultimately, george w. bush prevailed because when the votes were counted, he
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had the most votes in florida, and he won. the same thing needs to happen here. the litigation needs to get resolved in each of the states where there are pending cases, and then we'll know who's prevailed, but that's going to take several weeks. lou: would you not agree it's further evidence of just how unconstitutional the idea of early voting, mail-in voting is to realize that we're coming up against two important deadlines here as a result of disputes over these votes? one is december 8th, the other the 4th. and we are, we have in some instances going up to the 20th of this month, votes being tabulated. this is outrageous. and how in the world did the idea of early balloting, early voting, mail-in balloting ever pass muster and get by the supreme court? >> well, mail-in is voting
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historically has been significantly more subject to fraud. it's more susceptible to unscrupulous operatives stealing people's votes, engaging in vote harvesting which we've seen. unfortunately in the era of covid, a lot of democratic states and democratic jurisdictions used it as an excuse to expand mail-in voting. now, there's a silver lewining to that which is as we have recount and contest litigation pending in the states, on election day donald trump won a significant majority of the people who cast in-person ballots on election day. of the early vote and the mail-in vote, biden won a significant majority. the silver lining is that historically mail-in votes get excluded in a recount, get rejected in litigation much more frequently than in-person votes because they're more often subject to fraud, they're more often they don't meet the legal standards. what that means is if the litigation moves forward,
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there's some real possibility that we will see the vote totals for joe biden go down as the legal votes are excluded, and that's what the judicial process is meant to determine and what i expect it will be determining in the coming weeks. lou: isn't there a collision here between the requirement for a uniform -- among the states -- a uniform federal election day and early voting, mail-in balloting, however you want to style it or term it? that just seems to fly in the face of giving the power of that electoral process over in each state to the state government. >> well, what the constitution does is it gives the power of setting the time, place and manner of the presidential election to the state legislatures. and it's unusual -- normally when the constitution speaks of the state, it addresses the entire state government. in this instance it specifies the legislature in particular. that is highly relevant especially in pennsylvania
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because what happened is the legislature set, passed a law and set a rule that ballots, early ballots -- lou: a republican-controlled legislature, we should point out. >> yeah. lou: right. >> and the democratic governor and the democratic supreme court just decreed that they were changing that. attempting to change that is contrary to the constitution, and i think if the supreme court considers that case on the merits, they are likely to conclude that what the pennsylvania supreme court did was unconstitutional. and those facts -- lou: and those facts were in evidence going into the decision to pass on a ruling beforehand, before the supreme court. john roberts demuring. did he make a mistake? >> you know, i think the court dud make a mistake. they should have taken the case. john roberts joined the liberals and didn't take the case before
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the election. it would have been much easier to resolve it then. subsequently, justice sam alito said the mores were quite likely to prevail on the merits. the constitutional question was clear, and he ordered the state of pennsylvania to segregate those late-received votes, to keep them separate so that a court, if it concluded they were illegal are, could exclude them. and i think that really foreshadowed that if the court takes this on the merits, it will likely strike it down. it's not certain the court would agree to take the case on the merits, but if they do, i think the president's likelily to prevail on that -- likely to prevail on that legal question. lou: on that question and also -- will the court take into account that the complaints and charges here of voter, both voter fraud and electoral fraud all fall upon the democrats, not republicans? that looks very bad, i would think, for anyone using common sense. is it relevant in the high
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court? >> well, in terms of laying out the evidence of voter fraud, that really is a step that has to play out in the trial courts, both the state trial courts and federal trial courts. and, you know, it's hard for any of us as informed citizens to really know exactly what happened. you see something on twitter, you see a story here or there, but you don't know what the facts are. and that's why we have a judicial system where in a court the trump campaign and the biden campaign, they will send in their lawyers, they will put on evidence, expert witnesses, they will hear testimony, and the judicial system will make determinations of facts. that's how we find out what occurred is that we have a system to test the facts. so i'm hopeful and what i expect to happen in the coming days and weeks is for the trump campaign to put on their evidence and, hopefully, to convince a fact-finder that their allegations of fraud are accurate and supported by the evidence. lou: yeah, there are two elements here.
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one is, of course, the appearance at least of fraud across a broad number of states and in each instance the charges are against democrats, not are republicans. the other part is we have a president who the court will also be able to judge very clearly. the democrats have been trying to both block his presidency, to overthrow his presidency through impeachment as well as absolute, in my judgment, treason on the part of a number of government officials, the deep state, if you will. those things should be taken into account, don't you think, as well by the court? to see this as a continuation of what has been the resistance? they did not call it the healing. isn't that interesting? back in 2016. now they're calling it the healing period. back then it was the resistance that persisted until this very moment. your thoughts as we wrap up here. >> well, i don't know that the
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supreme court necessarily will give that great weight, but i do think the american people see it. the american people see that for four years the democrats attacked president trump, denied the legitimacy of husband election, fought him at every stage. you started with andrew mccabe who testified before the judiciary committee yesterday. i've got to say the behavior of the doj and the fbi under barack obama, they politicized it and used it to attack their enemies, and it was disgraceful. i think the american people see that. the impeachment saga was an abuse of power as well, and i think that's one of the reasons why over 70 million americans came out to support president trump. we need every legal vote to be counted, and i'm hopeful at the end of this process we will determine the winner, and i very much hope president trump is reelected. you mentioned a week ago the georgia senate race, two senate seats on the ballot january 5th. i'm going to be traveling to georgia. control of the senate hinges on the state of georgia. and if you don't want to see the
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radical leftist agenda of bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and aoc implemented, that georgia senate seat is to save the whole country. lou: senator ted cruz, i'm sure that everyone is excited to see you in georgia, and i'm pretty sure, too, that you'll be bringing a lot of your friends to the effort. and also i want to compliment you on help helping shed light on the obamagate with andrew mccabe in the senate judiciary hearing. you were terrific, we appreciate prosecute it and appreciates what you're going to be doing in georgia. as always. senator ted cruz, thank you. up next, one of the republican canvass board members in wayne county, michigan, she was harassed, she was bullied, she was threatened and she certified election results. her name is monica palmer. she is our guest here next. stay with us, we'll be right back. derriere discomfort.
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deserve forward-thinking solutions. and that's what we deliver. so bounce forward, with comcast business. ♪ ♪ lou: our next guest has faced the harassment, the intimidation efforts of the radical left in this country. she was bullied, she was threatened by them, and she certified election results in wayne county, michigan. and joining us now is monica
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palmer. she's one of two republican members of the wayne board of canvassers, wayne county board of canvassers, and monica has since rescinded her vote to certify those results. monica, i can only imagine what you've gone through here in the last few days, but i applaud and appreciate you being with us tonight to tell your story and what has transpired in wayne county, one of the most controversial locations. a state -- a county where we saw so much happening just before our cameras; the boarding up of cardboard over windows to prevent the public from seeing what's going on. tell us why, first of all, you did not want to certify the results in wayne county, you and one other republican member of the board of canvassers. >> when we were given a verbal
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executive summary of the precincts to find out the over/under reports whether the precincts were balanced or unbalanced, there were an excessive number of precincts that were unbalanced without explanation. and it is the job of the canvass to find the explanations in the difference in the balance. therefore, in my opinion, we did not have complete and accurate documentation for the total number of votes on the precincts that didn't have explanations, and that is why i voted no. lou: that is one of the requirements, is for the canvassers to find that balance and to have an explanation for the imbalance, correct? >> that is correct. lou: and so that board meeting in wayne county was underway, there was video streaming of it,
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there was some contention in the room, and it was going out to everyone. and suddenly the video streaming of a public meeting was interrupted. it was stopped. what happened when the cameras went off? >> i'm not sure how the cameras stopped. i wasn't operating the laptops. but during public commentary, the vice chair pulled me aside into the back warehouse and offered a suggestion on a win/win solution that would get wayne county election results certified and would provide a route to get explanations to the precincts that were out of balance, unexplained at that point and offered me a personal guarantee that he had higher authority promised him that we could get an audit done, a
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comprehensive, independent audit. and that comprehensive, independent audit should be able to provide the explanations that are currently missing. and it's for that reason only that i voted for the certification, knowing that we would have an audit that would provide the explanation for the differences. lou: right. but, of course, that's not occurred, and you have been threatened. you've been harassed. what are the most serious threats against you and your family? >> i've received text messages with awful, awful photos of naked women and then a photo of my daughter that was pulled offline and a note letting me know that that's what was going to happen to my daughter.
7:20 pm
and that i'm viewed as a terrorist and that my husband and my daughter or and i should all fear for our lives. my employer has been harassed. a wedding, bridal shop that i shared a post from i don't know how long ago, they've been harassed because i shared a poston -- post on my page on twitter. it's just -- where does it stop? lou: it doesn't stop, monica. it doesn't stop. we've watched the country be harassed and intimidated from may through august with street violence across the largest democrat-run cities. we have seen a supreme court justice intimidated, some say broken. referring to justice kavanaugh. we have seen the ugliest side of this country and the ugliest
7:21 pm
side of the american left and the democrat party. we thank you for being with us. we hope you will rejoin us and, monica, we, you know, every american should feel terrible for you. we hope that you will stay safe, and we're going to to have to get this fixed, and we need to get it fixed now. up next, a new documentary explores how the forgotten families have gotten out of the cycle. and be sure to buy my new book, "the trump century." it's hot, or it's just wonderful and it's available at patriots only. i stay with us, we'll be right we love the new apartment. the natural light is amazing. hardwood floors. there is a bit of a clogging problem. (clog dancing) at least geico makes it easy to bundle our renters
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♪ ♪ >> everybody has a story. it could be through drugs, it could be through abuse, it could be through violence, and our families are broken down, our
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communities are broken down, people's lives are broken down. they're devastated. >> this is the story of three forgotten american cities. i spent five years exploring this lost american if interior. i thought i'd be telling an economic story, but over time i discovered there's a deeper human crisis. lou: that's a clip from the new documentary "america lost," exploring the forgotten men and women of youngstown the, ohio, memphis, tennessee, and stockton, california. our next guest is the director of the documentary, and joining us is christopher rufo, fellow at the discovery institute. congratulations on the movie, an important subject. and at this, at this juncture your ideas changed a lot. you said it was about economics, but it turned out to be about people. people in this country right now
7:27 pm
are hurting in so many ways, but economically certainly among them as a result of the china virus. what dud you learn? what did you learn? >> yes. i learned that right now about 50 million americans are going through a crisis where all of the institutions -- the family, the faith community and ore elements of social capital -- have collapsed. we spend so much time talking about partisan politics, but meanwhile, there are millions and millions of families that have seen the kind of social fabric just shredded beneath them. lou: the social fabric, there's also a social contract we have in this country, medicaid, we have medicare, we have all sorts of programs, food stamps, s.n.a.p., you name it. we have an extraordinary safety net for people who are in pain. why isn't that working in these communities that have lost so much? >> yeah. the united states currently spends more than $1.1 trillion a
7:28 pm
year on anti-poverty programs, and yet the official poverty rate hasn't changed since about 1968. and it's because the policies that have failed and failed year after year, they keep getting renewed. policymakers keep doubling down, and we're going to need real systemic change in how we think about poverty in order for that number to change. lou: this president applying, you know, economic enterprise zones, creating all sorts of programs that are outside the mainstream of thinking, social justice programs, for example, prison reform trying to do what could be done in these first years of his presidency. what do we need to do? i know you believe in conservative solutions, not programmatic solutions. what do you think or say the two or three top priorities we
7:29 pm
should undertake? >> i think the first thing is really renewing the sense of what with it means to be human, what it means to be american. we have to speak very clearly from a high moral foundation that family is important, faith is important, community is important. and it's a spiritual battle that we're in. were to cast away the temptation of drugs and crime and violence and really renew the american spirit, that can-do attitude and lift each other up from the bottom up because, unfortunately, the top-down approach has failed. lou: top down and so have those government programs, obviously. christopher, it's good to see you. we want to be sure that everyone gets an opportunity to look at your documentary, "america lost," and so we're going to urge everyone to go to, the prewe mere., the premiere, and you can watch it
7:30 pm
without cost during this premiere. we urge you to do so and, christopher, congratulations on the documentary. few subjects rise to the importance of this one. thanks so much for being with us and look forward to talking with you again soon. stay with us, we're coming right back. my husband and i have never eaten healthier. shingles doesn't care. i logged 10,000 steps today. shingles doesn't care. i get as much fresh air as possible. good for you, but shingles doesn't care. because 1 in 3 people will get shingles, you need protection. but no matter how healthy you feel, your immune system declines as you age, increasing your risk for getting shingles. so what can protect you? shingrix protects. for the first time ever, you can protect yourself from shingles with a vaccine proven to be over 90% effective. shingrix is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults 50 years and older. shingrix does not protect everyone and is not for those with severe allergic reactions
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president trump's supporters should be deprogrammed. david atkins tweeted: no, seriously, how do you deprogram 75 million people? where do you start? foxing? facebook? -- fox? we have to stop thinking in terms of post-world war ii germ gnu or the failures of reconstruction in the south. it sounds to me like he's thinking of prewar germany. well, joining us now is victor davis hanson. he's a senior fellow at the hoover institution at stanford university and national review contributor, best selling or author, extraordinary historian and great american. victor, the kind of nonsense that's being spewed by the left in this country is sickening. and if there is any deprogramming to be done, it resides with the zombies who now inhabit our institutions, in my opinion, of so-called higher learning that are more into
7:35 pm
indoctrination than they are into education. your thoughts. >> yeah, i think so. i think everybody realizes that a majority of the population does not buy into the progressive/socialist agenda, and it's promulgated by big tech, academia, wall street, professional entertainment, sports, k-12, etc. and they exercise enormous influence, and they get very angry when people don't listen to them, and that's where we are now. but on the election, you know, lou, just very quickly, i think everybody agrees that something went terribly wrong. early voting, mail-in voting, unproven systems didn't work. about half the country feels that something went wrong, and that something wrong went against donald trump. and so now what they're waiting for is the affidavits, the glitches, the data, inconsistencies. where does it go? and we have these hallmark
7:36 pm
lawyers, lynn wood, sidney powell, rudy giuliani produced the laptops in burisma. so they've come out and said, you know what? it wasn't anecdotal, it was multimillions. that's a landslide. and everybody thinks if that were to be true the, it'd be the biggest scandal since 1824 or 1876. and now we're two weeks out from the election and three weeks until, a little bit more until the state electors. so what the next step is the people say, well, to get that exa that 20%, they need data and they need somebody with a rule or saying look at this transfer. they need a data expert who says i did this, and i'm sorry about it, or they need a for instance you can analysis that they says this is -- and if that comes, and it's got to come, unfortunately, pretty quickly, lou, because we're getting into a political rather than just an ethical or legal argument.
7:37 pm
the state legislatures are going to be predicated, you are their actions, on public opinion. and even, to be frank, the counts. you've got to get from 50% of the people thinking something went wrong to 75 or 80, and you can get that if these claims that this was the crookedest election in history, the greatest scandal in the american history backed up by outside auditors, forensic analysis, etc., etc., and it's presented on the screen to the american people. and so far we haven't had that. maybe we will. we'll see. lou: yeah. and there is also the straight forward test. we have seen the down ballot election. the republicans did better than the democrats. there was no blueaway -- >> yeah -- blue wave. lou: all of the polling in the weeks and months ahead of that election were suppression polling. without question. talking about double-digit gaps for the president of the united
7:38 pm
states. we saw none of it, none of it in the numbers that were even -- [laughter] even fraudulent numbers that were put together for the democrats. it didn't show up for the president. he was strong in almost every state. >> yeah. everybody knows that the pollsters were corrupt or incompetent, take your pick, and this were either trying to enhance or suppress the vote. everybody knows that the voting processes violated the state legislatures' will which is up constitutional in certain states -- unconstitutional. everybody knows there were irregularities, but what they want to know is that all of these reach the historic level that are, this distinguished legal team has assured us it will, and all they have to do show them -- not you or me, but the average people -- because we're interested in the news. most people are too busy because they're not being paid to follow
7:39 pm
the news. they have to be given the information in an accessible manner and say look at this line 17, it can't be right. look at this person, he said he tampered with this code, this person is said that he's sorry, this forensic analysis says that this happened. and when that happens, we should be very careful because that would be the greatest scandal in the history of this country. that's what's being alleged. and i don't know, i'm not qualified to add jude candidate that, but -- adjudicate that, but we're in historic area, lou, because if this were to be true, it would require an enormous amount of evidence to convince these legislatures to do something they've never done, and the courts as well. lou: well, i think we -- >> it could happen. lou: -- i think it's entirely intellectually rigorous to take note of what we do know that is true. we know that it's true that this president was baselessly attacked before he was elected as the democrats and the deep
7:40 pm
state tried to prevent him from being elected. we know that. empirically, we have the evidence. >> yes. lou: we know that the fbi is a politically corrupt, the justice department, as they tried a special counsel to unseat a lawful president. it's not in dispute. we know the role of his political appointment in -- of his opponent in 2016. we know that there was a baseless effort at impeaching this president, for crying out loud. and we know that the, what would flow from that would not necessarily be, well, a rigorously-honest and free and father -- and fair election. that much we do know, and we would be fools to ignore the predicate, if you will. >> we know that. everything you said is correct. and now the missing mosaic is just to show the american people that their instincts and what
7:41 pm
they saw the last four years are substantiated by an overwhelming -- it's going to have to be overwhelming because we don't have the media or big tech -- amount of data presented. and that is going to be an historic moment. maybe that'll happen, i hope it does, but we've made historical claims now that have never been made of a fraud on a scale we've never seen before -- lou: don't you find it interesting -- >> if it happens that way -- go ahead, lou, i'm sorry. lou: yeah, i'm sorry, victor. don't you think it's interesting that with all of these voting companies, the five of them that control 90% of the election market in this country, if you will, all of them are privately held, privately owned, and not one of them has stepped forward and said, well, no, no, my fellow americans, we think that we should be able to set your concerned minds at rest here. here is the evidence of the way we proceeded. this is the methodology we
7:42 pm
followed. these are the algorithms, good fellow citizens. and, please, your hearts not be concerned. finish not be troubled. wouldn't you expect that to be the rational and honest response of any concerned corporate citizen, even a private corporate citizen? >> yes, i would. and i would also new if people felt that there was fraud, i would expect blue state people coming forward and say, well, here in this county, look, biden was robbed a commensurate amount of votes. but so far nobody's doing that. so i agree with you, it's all suspicious. but we have to get to a point where the public opinion is not 50%. i'm not talking about a moral or ethical or legal or political, i'm just talking about public opinion, and that's going to be swayed by overwhelming evidence. and, boy, i don't think the american people, if lynn wood and sidney powell are correct, the public would not stand for
7:43 pm
what we're going through. they would do something historical and overturn these key state elections. but they need to have something that's accessible and detailed. lou: it's about time somebody started responding to what the people want. we have a populist president who has been doing precisely that, delivering his promises. and suddenly a guy who is, let's put it this way, husband health is in -- his health is in question, his performance publicly is in question, and he stayed in a basement for most of the campaign, and suddenly he is beating president barack obama's record turnout by 10 million votes? you know, victor, i think the american people deserve a really good explanation from the left. victor -- >> i do too. lou: -- great to have you with us. victor davis hanson. up next, an agency within the d. of home security -- department of homeland security says this election was the most
7:44 pm
secure in american history. wow. our department of homeland security said that. but their message may have been krafted with the help of, well -- crafted with the help of, well, the voting machine companies themselves. they're at the center of the ballot for the white house, and what we're about to tell you, you will find astonishing, i assure you. purely astonishing. we take it up right after this quick break. stay with us, we will be right back. ♪ one of the worst things about a cold sore is how it can make you feel. but, when used at the first sign, abreva can get you back to being you in just 2 and a half days. be kinder to yourself and tougher on your cold sores. to customizes yourcan gocar so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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and be healthy. get off the floor and get on the aerotrainer. go to, that's lou: breaking news now, the country't voting machine groups is have close ties to a government agency that disputes any irregularities in this year's election. on november 12th the cybersecurity and infrastructure security a agency, cypa, part of the department of homeland security, issued this statement. it said in part, quote: the november 3rd election was the most secure in american history, end quote. among the many things that the agency falled to dischose is that -- failed to disclose is that dominion voting systems and another, well, several voting
7:49 pm
companies are members of their election infrastructure sector coordinating council. that's a mouthful. it's an advise true council -- advisory council to dhs. one of two entities that authored, that wrote with the november 12th statement. also sitting on that council in addition to dominion is smartmatic, another company that we have reported on and detailed on this broadcast with documented issues with their voting machine software. election systems and software, ess, and hart also on the council. those companies alone make up 90% of the voting companies working on american elections. extraordinary. but very helpful, apparently, to dhs. they didn't see a conflict of interest in that for some reason. but then again, why would they put out such a report when they
7:50 pm
can't support it in any way? i challenge the department of homeland security to produce evidence that this was the most secure, the most secure election in history when it was, in point of fact, the opposite. big tech giants microsoft and amazon web services also sit on the council. both companies have executives and mows donating -- employees donating millions of or dollars to joe biden's campaign and democratic causes. we've asked both dominion and smartmatic about their role on the november 12th statement disputing election fraud or intervention but foreign governments. smartmatic said they didn't have any input. dominion, they didn't get back to us for some reason. dominion voting is systems did send it an e-mail titled "setting the record straight the: facts and rumors." the first thing they cite is the
7:51 pm
statement published by the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency, the agency where they sit on the board as advisers. isn't that a little circular, a little club? how nice. how comfy. how irregular. stay with us, more china virus lockdowns placing restrictions on places of worship around the country. we take that up with pastor robert jeffress. are you mad yet? maybe a little uncomfortable. yeah, we -- me too. stay with us. ♪ ♪ derriere discomfort.
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♪ ♪ lou: well, joining us now is pastor robert jeffress from the first baptist church of dallas, also a fox business contributor, great american. and, pastor, i want to get, first, your reaction to w.h.o.'s regional director in europe saying, well, christians ought to follow the catches of muslims and think about dues and -- hundred dues and, you know, cool it with celebrations over the
7:56 pm
holidays. your thoughts. [laughter] >> well, i think i'm going to listen to god's word rather than w.h.o. when it comes to worship. look, one of the things going on since we last talked, lou, was governor cuomo actually doubled down in husband appeal to the supreme court on why he ought to be row allowed to place no restrictions on pet stores, liquor stores and big box stores but put oppressive restrictions on churches. and, look, the answer is simple. i mean, the fact is what cuomo is doing is not only inequitable, it's unconstitutional. there is no first amendment right for a liquor store to be open. but the bible -- or the constitution gives an absolute right for churches to be open. our forefathers thought worship was so essential that they carved out a special exception for it in the first amendment. and my real concern is once this pandemic is over -- and it is going to be over, sooner rather than later because of the great leadership of president trump and operation warp speed -- once
7:57 pm
it is past, we want to make sure that the constitution is a survivor and not a casualty of the china virus. lou: well, we sure, with sure do. but before we get there, i think we need to recognize that's going on because cuomo is leading a state that is, much of it, decidedly left wing. we're seeing an authoritarian streak in the left that they are no longer embarrassed to exhibit. this is really a very difficult moment, but it is also a revelatory moment. people should understand what the democratic party is. it's become a party of hate, it is authoritarian. the entire left is authoritarian. and they mean to control the lives of everyone in their, of their constituents. and the republicans, of course, get caught in that where they lose elections which is also a reminder to republicans that
7:58 pm
elections have consequences. you would not see a governor like cuomo in the state of texas, for example. first of all, he'd be run out of the state. what do you think? >> well, that's absolutely right. and the democrats are a party of restriction, they're a party of big government. and, look, we're seeing in a lot of these democrat states an attempt to even regulate how you celebrate thanksgiving. i've got a pastor friend in another state who says that people, more people are allowed to attend a funeral than a thanksgiving gathering next week, and so he's telling his members to call their thanksgiving gathering a funeral for a turkey, and they'll be okay. [laughter] i mean, that is just absurd, what's going on under these democrat leaders. lou: it's absurd but it's also telling. >> yes. lou: they start with telling us what we can do or cannot do to celebrate thanksgiving. they then will tell us what we
7:59 pm
can or cannot do to celebrate christmas. and the level of passivity and apathy on the part of americans right now putting up with all of this nonsense, it's truly disturbing. what are you advising pastors around the country to do as they confront these orders to lock down and shut down their churches and their congregations? and also refuse to celebrate thanksgiving or christmas? >> lou, we could be socially distanced, we can practice good safety matters, but we can't shut down. and as the bible says, we need to obey god rather than man. a pastor has a responsibility to keep his church safe but to keep it open. lou: pastor robert jeffress, always good to have you here. thanks so much. good to see you, pastor. a reminder to follow me on
8:00 pm
twitter @loudobbs facebook and follow me on instagram and parler @loudobbstonight. thanks for being with us. we hope you have a great weekend we hope you have a great weekend and keep fighting. harvey: the objects people choose to keep in their home define who they are. this is... - good to see you. - okay, let's do it. i'm harvey levin. this is a story about one of the most successful immigrants in the world. arnold schwarzenegger became the gold standard of professional bodybuilding, something his parents did not embrace. my mother said, "why does he have all these oily guys - hanging on the wall?" - so she thought you were gay? he scoffed at conventional hollywood, determined to become the biggest movie star in the world. i wanted to be another clint eastwood. and his third act may be the most stunning-- becoming the governor of california. it was the most rewarding thing that i've ever done.


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